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What is a masonry home?

A masonry home is constructed with masonry blocks at the exterior walls.  This is different from standard construction practices in that standard construction, referred to as stick framed, uses either a 2" x 6" or a 2" x 4" to frame the outside walls of the house.  The block wall is constructed in one of two methods.  The first is to use a standard 6" grey block that is finished with stucco, stone or brick.  The second option for the block is a 6" colored rock face block.  The rock face block comes in at least 15 different colors.  The rock face block is a product made by Anchor Block and is referred to as "Livingstone."


As far as constructability options, masonry is capable of building anything that wood can build, if not more.  View past projects at our Project Portfolio.


A masonry home, in its nature, is much more solid than a wood framed home, however there are many other benefits to building with masonry.  These benefits include energy efficiency, durability, comfort, security, and privacy.

Energy Efficiency

These days the rising cost of fuel and energy has everyone looking for a way to save money on energy expenses.  A common method to save a little money is to add insulation in the attic or to put plastic wrap on the windows.  Our suggestion is that you build your home for efficiency to begin with and a masonry home is exactly the answer.  In order to insulate the masonry walls, we use a closed cell expanding foam.  We also provide this as an option in the attic.  The benefit to the expanding foam is that there are no breaks in the insulation as is typical with wood construction.  In a typical 2" x 6" or 2" x 4" wall every place there is a stud, there is a lower R-value and a loss of energy efficiency.  The expanding foam eliminates these gaps and creates an extremely efficient house that will heat with less energy in the winter and cool with less energy in the summer.



An all masonry home provides an extremely durable exterior finish.  Whether you choose the rock face finish or the stucco finish there is probably no need to have to ever replace, repaint or repair the exterior.  Where as vinyl siding can easily be torn from homes in a wind storm, steel and aluminum siding can be easily dented by hail and flying debris, and wood siding needs to be repainted every couple years, there is no need to worry about a masonry exterior.  Typically, flying objects will not leave a mark, color is fade resistant and there is nothing that will blow away in a masonry product.


Comfort, Security and Privacy

It is no exaggeration, inside an all masonry home you are oblivious to what is going on in the outside world.  The combination of a masonry wall insulated with expanded foam creates a wonderful noise buffer to the outside world.  The only way to keep track of what is happening outside is by looking out the window! 


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